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Tiny Dancers Level I:

A 30 minute class for children 2 1/2- 4 y/o designed to introduce children to the basics of tap, ballet, creative movement, and baton. Basic combinations are introduced through interactive songs and props. This class develops a child’s coordination, imagination, and balance. Children will gain exposure to various types of dance. This class meets twice per week.

Tiny Dancers Level II:

A 45-minute introductory course for new dancers aged 4-6 y.o. This class will introduce the disciplines of tap, ballet, creative movement, and baton. A new element of improvisation will be added, in addition to the fundamentals of ballet. Proper technique is introduced to the children, as is a stress on ballet terms and knowledge. This is a fun and creative outlet for children to form friendships and express their imagination. This class meets once per week.

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Tiny Dancers Level III:

A 45 minute class for dancers 5-7 y/o with a study of tap, ballet, creative movement (pre-lyrical), and baton. These dancers will also be introduced to jazz for the first time. More advanced combinations and skills are introduced to the children. Memory of choreography is stressed, as is basic flexibility, strength, and balance. This is an exciting class, preparing students for more advanced levels, while still maintaining a fun and creative atmosphere. This class meets twice per week.

Tap I-IV:

Tap classes for students aged 8 & up. Classes are 30-60 minutes long depending upon age and level. Based upon the style seen in most Broadway shows, our tap is acclaimed as the best in the surrounding areas. Tap incorporates sound into the art of dance. This class will develop rhythm, coordination, and sound through specific stylized movement. Students will produces clear sounds and proper tap technique.


Ballet I-IV:

Ballet classes for students aged 8 & up. Classes are 30-60 minutes long depending upon age and level. Ballet is the foundation of all dances, and necessary to the development of a dancer. Students will train in this highly technical form, acquiring the specific vocabulary necessary. Students will work with a ballet barre, move to a center floor adage, petite and grande allegro, and finish with a formal grand reverence. Students will work on posture, natural turn-out, and the knowledge that encompasses this disciple.


An extension of ballet, advancing students from ballet slippers to hard pointe shoes. Students progress to pointe based upon their muscular and skeletal development, as well as their commitment to ballet practice.


Jazz I - IV:

Jazz class for students aged 8 & up. Classes are 30-60 minutes long depending upon age and level. High energy classes focusing on flexibility, complex rhythms and patterns, isolations, and strength. Jazz courses are based upon the foundations of ballet. Students will learn a series of combinations, in addition to their stretching, strength training, and core technique study.

Lucky Star (Musical Theatre):

A wonderful class for students to become comfortable in a crowd. This class teaches students improvisation skills along with concentration, listening skills, and trust. Group cohesion is stressed in an attempt to strengthen relationship between fellow players. Dancing, acting, and music is combined to put on full-scale productions throughout the year. A great class to develop students’ leadership skills and self confidence. Each child will shine and have the opportunity to be in the spotlight in the productions.



A class for students aged 8 & up, combining ballet, modern, and jazz. This course stresses the relation of dance and music, and the connection of the dancer to the piece. Students will study how to interpret a piece of music, becoming story tellers as they connect their bodies to the song.

Hip Hop:

A class for students aged 8 & up. This class will combine the most recent styles of street dancing, breaking, popping, and locking. Students will be encouraged to work on their freestyle ability, as well their ability to learn choreography. Hip Hop places a focus on individual style  and personality in performance.

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A category of the performing arts, differing from gymnastics. Acro focuses on the art of controlled movements relying on the dancer’s flexibility. Students will increase flexibility, balance, strength, and concentration.


Emerging as a rejection of classical ballet, modern dance encourages introspective movement. Our modern class incorporates Ms. Seraphina’s African heritage, incorporating traditional African movements and encouraging dancers to become story tellers through their movements.

Classes: Dance Company
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